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Heart Zones, Inc reaches Milestone — 250 locations Nationwide Deploying the Heart Zones System Technology

October 31, 2016 — Press Release

For the first 10 months of this year, Heart Zones, Inc has seen company wide growth hit record pace growing 400% year-to-date. The majority of that growth can be attributed to their recent investments in an exciting new group fitness technology dubbed the Heart Zones System. It is an enabling technology for motivation, engagement and assessment that uses wearable technology to empower health and fitness improvements in a group setting. The Sacramento-headquartered company has transformed itself into a healthy living technology company using wearables and apps.

The Heart Zones System combines hardware, software, sensors, and programs for a full fitness solution, and is currently it is being used by clubs, cycling studios, bike shops, specialty health facilities, physical therapy clinics and physical education classrooms in 35 states and 4 countries. The technology is the single most flexible and participant-friendly group training system available today.

Since inception in 1993, Heart Zones, Inc has driven hard towards its company mission to “Get America Fit”. The company was awarded the only federally patented heart rate training methodologies and CEO Sally Edwards has authored over 20 books, covering a variety of fitness topics including cycling, weight loss, triathlon, running and physical education curriculums.

In 2016, wearable technology became the #1 trend in fitness industry according to a study this year by the American College of Sports Medicine. The Heart Zones System is the perfect fit for this trend because it uses wearables - heart rate monitors, step trackers, cycling sensors - to support individuals and groups to train smarter. While wearable technology is trending in first place today, there is more growth in the category tomorrow according to Sally Edwards, Heart Zones, Inc Founder and CEO, “the Heart Zones System and its programs start with data collection using our biometric sensors and displays, then adds to that explanations of what the numbers means, and finally provides the individualized exercise prescription - that is the magic sauce of long-term fitness success - staying on a program. And, according to Edwards, “data drives decisions no matter if you are a millennial or a GenX or a baby boomer.”

Though passing through the milestone of 250 Heart Zones System locations may seem impressive, it is only a small fraction of what Heart Zones, Inc has its eyes set on. With a passionate and growing corporate team, the company is setting course not only to become the market leader in group fitness technology but also a thought leader in the fitness world providing multi-media educational content, training certifications and fitness hardware and software.

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