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Healthy active living has always been my message. I encourage you to live a healthy vibrant lifestyle.


KVIE: Yes! We're Open

November 19, 2018 — KVIE/PBS

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Episode 11 | 26m 46s

Discover the story behind a Thai restaurant that's become an institution in midtown Sacramento. Meet a Sacramento entrepreneur whose passion is to get America healthy and movin… Continue reading»

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Good company: A trailblazer in fitness and business

November 04, 2018 — Davis Enterprise

Sally Edwards is unstoppable, no matter the challenge Many successful companies have humble beginnings. When Sally Edwards, an accomplished athlete, entrepreneur and author, first got the idea to open an athletic-shoe store, her dream to get Sacramento fit was the simple goal that drove her plan forward. That was in 1976; now 42 years later, he… Continue reading»

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The One-Size-Fits-All Age Adjusted Maximum Heart Rate Equation Fits No One

January 01, 2017 — Sally Edwards, MA, MBA, Author, Exercise Scientist, CEO Heart Zones, Inc.©

Position Statement The 220-minus-age equation regularly used to estimate an individual’s maximum heart rate (MHR) is invalid for this purpose. The equation, first published in 1970 from data with large variance, disregards the range of individual differences. MHR in healthy adult individuals can be as low as 150 beats-per-minute (BPM) and as … Continue reading»

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